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A Simple Catechism for the Deliverance Ministry (SS-Del-101/Eng)

A Simple Catechism for the Deliverance Ministry

A Simple Catechism for the deliverance Ministry

Author: Sr Anne Woods

Publisher: Jesus4UsAll


This catechism of over 200 questions on diverse aspects of the deliverance ministry has been composed as concisely as possible for those involved in this work of pure charity and who have very little time for in-depth study due to work pressures.  It draws on Sacred Scripture; documents of the Church; the mystical theology of various doctors of the Church and especially St. John of the Cross; the lives of the saints; the writings of those with many years experience in this field both Catholic and inter-denominational; and, the theology concerning Angels both holy and fallen in the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas Summa Theologica and Pseudo-Dionysius Celestial Hierarchies.  All questions are fully referenced where apposite so that anything can be confirmed, seen in context or serve as a base for a wider study in a specific area of expertise whether theological, psychological or medical.



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A Simple Catechism for the Deliverance Ministry

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