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You must Be Born Again (In English) (R-10253/Eng)

You must Be Born Again (In English)

You must Be Born Again
Author: Maisa Castro

Publisher: Raboni Editoria


Using simple and colloquial language, this book deals with the spiritual reality:

'And for anyone who is in Christ, there is a new creation' (2 Co. 17).It's objective is to lead you to the experience of a new birth in Jesus Christ, tasting the sweetness of the God's Love, the saving, healing and freeing power of His Word and the knowledge that all of us Christians ought to have of His plan of salvation. In order to verify the efficacy of the Word of God presented here, testimonies of transdormed lives, which came to the attention of Raboni Editora, are included for your appreciation.


This Book is also available in the SpanishPortuguese Languages


1. God Has Visited and Redeemed His People
2. Jesus is My Savior
3. I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life
4. How to Overcome the Old Nature
5. Remaining in Jesus
6. The Power of the Blood of Christ


Pages: 118
Dimension: 14x21 cm
Net Weight: 0.150g

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