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Product Reviews
Del-Boulos-001 - How to Free Ourselves from Evil Spirits
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  Powerful book
Nathaly - Lebanon   (04 July 2021)

I highly recommend everyone to read this powerful book, it helped in my conversion and in deliverance from many chains. It contains not only strong deliverance prayers but also prayers of protection. It's a life and mindset changing book especially when its prayed like a novena. It will bring each of one of us to a higher and deeper level with the Lord. It's worth having it home!

  Father Boulos book review
Lea - Beirut   (04 July 2021)

This book was life changing. I had heard about the power of words but when I started praying and declaring the content of those carefully crafted pages over my life I started seeing miraculous changes and healings. This book is a blessing for every home.

  Why should every household have this book!
Stephanie - Lebanon   (02 July 2021)

This book helped me realize and understand the impact of sin on my life physically, mentally and spiritually. I understood the liberty the sin gives to the Evil Spirit to have control over me, over my mind and my actions.

It teaches me the importance of deliverance and to gain back the total liberty my Father God wants for me. There are many actions I have done that I didn't even know had an impact on me, i discovered actions my elderly did that were giving evil power over us all. The experience of Father Boulos and the knowledge he transmits through this teaching have been priceless in my journey toward freedom.

It all started with a desire to be washed of all the burdens the evil has put on my shoulder, to get out of the internal prison I locked myself in by giving authority to the evil one, not knowing my reality.

The first step was a confession, my friend took me to Father Boulos. He gave me a real shower in the confession and then handed me this jewel. This book helped me see and understand what is going on in the spiritual realm! As I didn't know how to pray, it offered me the prayers I needed to understand and ask help from God. It made me realize that God gave me through his Son Jesus Christ, by the power of his blood and of the Holy Spirit authority over everything! I was scared at first but then realized that the battle is already won and that I have to trust and walk towards it. Well everything I prayed and read in this book came to life! God made sure I had a wonderful Man of God, Spiro, who is accompanying me to the Throne of Grace and to the fulfillment of my being. God had responded to my prayers and delivered me!! Today i consider myself free, completely free to love gratefully my God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, beyond anything and to seek him with everything i have!!! What makes it even better is that my whole house, my husband and my 3 daughters are as free as I am in Spirit and in Truth!! What can stop the God of the impossible, My God and Yours!!

Spiro - UK   (01 July 2021)

Having been in the healing ministry for around 20 years now, I found this book, written by Fr Boulos OMM very informative and in a way educational for those who dont know anything about the powers of darkness and how they steal our God-given happiness, health, and relationship as well as our finances.
I would recomend every house-has this for regular use and in those cases where anyone is under attack to pray the prayers with faith until the victory of Christ comes through.
I pray all you who read this book will be heald, lberated and strengthened by it as your faith in our Lord Jesus rises to make you an overcomer over the powers od darkness.

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