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Developing your Faith Roots


How is your prayer life?


  Have you got the feeling praying is a struggle these days?


Praying and Praying, but nothing seems to be happening?


  Has the initial joy and  peace given way to unsettling  turmoil?


..  is what came easy once now feeling like a hard struggle?


Don't worry, keep on keeping on trusting in our Lord, maybe its a question of understanding of what's happening rather than whats happeng thats causing more of the anxiety. Read on, and we pray this encourages you to continue to grow in the Lord and wait for this season of dryness to break out with a new spirng and summer in your life.


Here is an illustration, a story, that may give insight into your own spiritual life, and that maybe the Lord is preparing you for something better, something more!



There was a university professor who taught horticulture, specialising in all aspects of plants and their health and growth.


He appointed two 3rd year students to assist him with a project to plant pots and flowers around the whole of the university campus, inside and out, and to take care of them under his supervision.


They were happy to help, keen to transform the place, and in a way make their mark in making the place look and feel better.


Each day they would walk along the corridors of the university buildings to check and water the plants which were postitioned in nice sunny positions.


One day as they walked along the corridoor to check on one plant which they were proud of because it had grown much more than all the others, to their shock and horror they saw someone had placed a black nylon bag over it. It was completely covered! They were angry at the perpertrator and hoped the plant was not damaged.


As they proceeded to take the black bag off this plant they heard their professor's voice shouting, "stop!"


They felt guilty because they were sure the professor was telling them off, thinking they had done this. So as they tried to explain to him that they did not do this, they heard the professor telling them, "I did it". They were both shocked and amazed at why he would do such a thing and were confused and bewildered.


He continued to say, " Let me explain why I did this, what I have done is take drastic action to save the life of this poor plant."


They didnt understand, because they saw a tall healthy plant, bigger than any of the others, they thought it to be their prize plant.


He continued, "You dont understand, your looking at the top of the plant, from the earth to its tips, and yes its grown very quickly and looks good. But I know better and I can see that the roots are very short, its imbalanced and unless those roots grow, the plant is in real danger because the roots are not deep enough to support it." He continued...


"You have done well to water it and give it sunshine, those are necessary for its healthy growth, but this plant had recieved too much too quick and now the roots are small in comparison to its size. The remedy for this is to stop the watering for a while and to block out the sunshine, then in the darkness and in the dryness the roots will begin to grow and grow. It may not feel comfortable for a while, but after the roots have grown and the plant is allowed further sunshine and more water later, then the plant will benefit and grow even stronger but with the right proportioned roots to support it."


The students listened with amazement at the professors wisdom and experience, and now saw that what they thought to be a bad thing was really  an essential part of the plants healthy growth.


So its the same with us in our spiritual lives. We grow, sometimes too quickly, recieving too much sun and water, spiritually, but the roots may not be growing and so in  periods of darkness and dryness, thats when our roots of faith grow, searching and growing looking for the nourishment of our Lord to feed our souls.


Faith grows in these periods, the roots of our faith need these times, then when the season of dryness and darkness is over we really do become stronger and healthier.


So dont worry, trust in God, He loves you and knows whats best for you. Your peace and joy will return, but your faith and love and hope are what he wants to develop. So they are constant and firm in light or darkness, rain or dryness.


May the Lord bless you, through your life's journey, whatever your season, and be encouraged the Lord is constant in His love for you and is always with you, to encourage and strengthen you, for a brighter and better future and into eternity.


God Bless You

Jesus Loves You




PS, why not let us pray for you and your needs, or someone you love, just fill in the Prayer Request on the below link and we will keep you in our prayers.

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Take a look also at the books and teachings we have, they too are here to help you become a stronger Christian, knowing God's love for you and me and indeed all mankind.

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