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Open Healing Service Pantasaph 29th & 30 September 2023
Pantasaph Retreat - Weekend Healing, Renewal Empowering Retreat - 28th to 1st October 2023- Led by Spiro Sueref at Pantasaph, North Wales
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Pantasaph Retreat - Weekend Healing and Empowering Retreat & Conference

6 pm Thursday 28th September 2023 to 3:30 pm Sunday 1st October 2023

Led by Spiro Sueref Pantasaph, North Wales (4 Days over 3 Nights- Full Board)


Please Note:

The information contained here is being updated from time to time,

so please come back to check information that we may add.


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  The Poster

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Running since 2009, this will be the tenth time this blessed and life-changing retreat will be run at Pantasaph, and the first time under the new owners, the Vincentians. 2017 was a special year in many ways and the last year before the Retreat Centre closed under the Fransiscans following 150 years of service there.
This retreat continues to be more and more popular because those who attend experience the tangible presence of God, some for the first time; others gain the insight and confidence to come to God in prayer in a new and more powerful way.
It is conducted with practical workshops, inner healing sessions, healing and deliverance sessions as well as many powerful teaching on how to live by faith and excercise our authority in Christ as we are led by the Holy Spirit.


Vincentian Divine Retreat Centre, Pantasaph (A quick tour)

Vincentian Divine Retreat Centre, Pantasaph | United Kingdom


More information coming here soon. 

"Coming Boldly to the Throne of God" - Jesus4usall Playlist
This is a list of songs that Spiro uses in the retreat and generally in his Ministry

Mini-Bus from London to Pantasaph
We would like to give special thanks our brothers and sisters in "United in Christ" for their financial support towards the cost of the Mini-Bus; this has enabled us to bring the price down for you all traveling this way. Please keep them and their mission in your prayers. Thank you.
The New subsidised price is only £50 return for adults; £25 return for children ages 7 to 17 and Free for children under 7 years old.
This is to help those struggling with finance. If you can help us cover the cost please give us a donation. Thank you. [Donate Now]


Program Outline (28th Sept. - 1st October 2023)

To download a PDF version for print please click on the image.
 (PDF is a higher resolution and a better quality image to view)



Spiro's Life-Changing Experience during prayer in 2001.


Imagine an ordinary prayer time that becomes a life-changing encounter with our living God! This is what happened to Spiro on 4th February 2001. As he sat and paced praying and contemplating asking and seeking the Lord for some pressing issues in his life the Holy Spirit began to guide his prayers, guiding him from repentance and into the real tangible presence of God where, His presence was so powerful, Spiro had to take pen to paper to write down what the Lord was speaking to him, in answer to his questions!


What began as an ordinary prayer session turned out to be a life changing experience. Even the way Spiro prayed changed, no longer did he pray to a God who was distant but to a caring and loving God who was close at hand and within reach. What normally took 1 hour to pray, turned out to be a 4-hour prayer session with God; and by the end of it, Spiro was on fire with the Holy Spirit. He had never experienced prayer like this before! God showed him how to pray effectively and more importantly how pray was not a monologue but a dialogue with our Living and Almighty God!


Moreover, the transforming grace imparted to him during this encounter with God transformed Spiro from the inside out; Lifted Spiro into a new realm of living and being.


Spiro, who has been a prayer group leader in Cardiff for over 20 years now, now uses his experience and encounter with God, through prayer, to guide others to move towards God in the right way, and with the right attitude of faith and trust in our loving God, through Jesus Christ.


Many people have commented on feeling the tangible presence of God during prayer, and still many others have experienced healings and blessings of one kind or another.


This retreat takes the experience Spiro has gained over the last few years and provides a structured programme on guiding people into the presence of God. "Coming to the Throne of Grace"; taken from Hebrews 4:16 is a practical journey in the spirit to the very throne room of Almighty God. Knowing how to come there the right way and knowing that once there our Merciful Lord is more than able to change any situation in your life. He has the Power and the Authority over everything! ... and more importantly He loves you and cares for you. He wants to help you! All He asks is that you search Him with all your heart and that you come to Him through the way of Mercy, which is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and coming through him to the Father means you must do so with a sincere heart and in obedience to Jesus, which is the Word of God.


All the sessions in the Retreat are designed to prepare you for this Life-Changing encounter with our all-loving and all-powerful God who asks that you Trust and Believe in the One He has sent, that is, Jesus.... and to believe in Jesus is to know God's love for you, and in that knowledge there is now more fear, nothing to cause you to be anxious, just an overwhelming feeling of His real love and concern for you.


Are you ready to encounter Almighty God in a new and real way? a life changing way? where Miracles are possible? and troubles subside as you see God's hand working in your life for you and not against you.


We look forward to seeing you there...... and for what God has prepared for you to receive there.


There are Daily Mass and Confessions, talks and sharing, praise and worship, and periods of silence and reflection; The blessed sacrament is exposed overnight, and people will be praying for your intentions before the Lord.


Expect God to move for you and we pray that you will receive every grace and blessing and become a new person by the end of this amazing retreat.


Coming to the retreat? Here's how to prepare so you can receive more!

If you would like to prepare for this retreat, you can do so in the following ways.


1. Pray and Fast (Fasting on Fridays) for your intentions

2. pray for all others who are coming to experience a powerful move of God in their entire beings

3. Take time to reflect on anyone that has hurt you in the past and be determined that you will not only forgive them but will try to love them again, if only as an intention.

4. If you lived the wrong way make a determined effort to turn away from the errors of the past and to prepare for a new life with Christ.

5. Go to confession before you come, though you will have an opportunity to go confession at the retreat but take some time to be honest with yourself (and God) about your own sins and failings.

6. Try to perform some acts of mercy, show someone forgiveness who you would normally hold a grudge against.... do good to them instead, for the sake of Jesus.

7. try to perform some acts of charity, help the poor or the orphan or the widow...etc...

Do something good and avoid doing bad..... learn to become sensitive to God's righteousness, not what you think is right or wrong but what God considers to be right or wrong...especially if you own conscious has been troubling you over doing something that is good and right but you have been putting it off, or excusing it away.


 Would you like to get the Book for yourself or someone you know?

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Would you like to get the Book for yourself or someone you know?

Watch the Book Trailer Video

[Order the Book NOW Click Here]


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