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Learning How to  Pray - For Beginners


Learning how to pray is really like getting to know someone, you talk and share, listen to each other and with a sense of purpose, progress your relationship with each other.


This is quite normal, when getting to know someone, having met them. But with God we come to Him in the Spirit, because we cannot see or hear him in the ordinary sense, like talking with someone who is physically present, we have to learn to speak to Him with our souls and our spirits.


So prayer is a spiritual activity. It may feel strange at first, if your not use to it. It's like suddenly starting to use your eyes and your ears and your senses for the first time or in a in a new way. If this is new to you, dont worry, God is listening to you and in time your spiritual senses will become sensitive to His loving presence.


The moment you begin in prayer with God, then you enter into the world of the supernatural. Miracles can happen and do happen. God's intervening power to come and help,  save and restore are always possible, even to bring healings and liberation from bad or negative situations.


The important thing in beginning with prayer is to  come to a realisation  that God Loves You, God Knows everything about you, God knows what your feeling and going through, and in spite of your human weakenesses and sins, His love for you is unconditional He is happy that you decided to come to Him in Prayer. He really does want to help you.


So feel relaxed and in good company, find a quiet place and just for a moment think about God's love for you. Then just to begin to tell him what is in your heart and mind. If nothing comes to mind at first then don't worry, its ok, it will  soon  and you can begin in this way your prayers have already started. Here are some tips to help you:- 


1. First come to the realisation that God is truly present in the Spirit. He Loves you and wants to help you. You can start here by asking God to give you faith in Jesus and to take away all your doubts and fears, and to guide you in your time with Him, in your prayers.


2. Now think  of anything bad you have done that may have had bad consequences on someone, or any judgments you may have made against anyone, or maybe if someone has hurt you, and you have feelings of resentment or hatred towards them. This may feel an uncomfortable thing to do but its a necessary thing to do since these things can act as a block in your prayers and also damage your soul. Remember God wants to forgive and release you of anything negative.


3. Now just begin to confess or admit your errors, dont worry, God is not here to judge you, unless you're judging others, but instead forgive all those who have hurt or caused you pain and just ask God to forgive them too, and as you do, so too will you be able to receive God's  forgiveness for yourself. You dont have to bring everything up in your first prayer, just those things that are the  strongest in your heart or mind. In fact you can ask God to even help you with this, so that he may illuminate your mind and heart with those things that need to be dealt with in this prayer session.


4. Now just begin with your concerns or the things you need help with. Just tell God , in your own words, in your own way the problems or concerns as it appears in your heart and mind. Its important that your requests are not for anything bad, or anything that will cause harm to anyone, but always try to pray for things that are good for all concerned, and for God's purpose and plan to unfold in the circumstances and with His Mercy.


5. When you pray to God its always good to pray in the name of Jesus, because it was Jesus God sent to take away our sins and to bring us healing and liberation and eternal salvation and life. So pray in the name of Jesus, for example, Dear God I come to you in the name of Jesus asking for your help with.......(mention your request....)


6. You may not be aware of the meaning of the life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and thats ok, in time you can find out, but Jesus died for you and me and indeed all mankind to bring us back into a perfect peace with God, and to save us from hell. His resurrection is proof that he even defeated death for us. The cross of Jesus is where we find His victory over everything bad, and as we come to him there, at the cross, and confess all the bad we have done and the problems we have, it is there that His victory can come into our souls, our lives, our situation, so with this in mind, Just thank God for Jesus and thank Jesus for His agonising sacrifice, so we can have all God's blessings. Thanking God opens us up to His blessings and in time, it brings  us peace and recovery.


7. Now just hand over all your needs, hurts, pains, and troubles to God, and as you do, try to understand that He is already dealing with them and that because He is God, he can help you over come any trial or trouble. So just trust him now and take a small step of faith, acknowledging that He is really more than capable in dealing with your problems. Let this bring you some peace and reassurance, that he will deal with this now, and you can feel at peace and expect things to happen.


At first you can spend maybe 30 minutes, but anytime during the day, even while you doing your ordinary activities you can just think of God next to you, and just thank Him for being there with you, this also helps.

If you need prayer or would like to discuss prayer with us now check the "Live Chat" icon to see if we are online and chat to us about your thoughts.
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We also have books on prayer  that can help you also and we also have prayer request forms which you can fill in and we can also pray for you or your loved ones.


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