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Our Prayer for You


Dear heavenly Father, first we come to you in thanks for the poeple who come here. We know that them finding us was as a result of a search which they began, inspired by you. Thank you in Jesus name and may He be glorified in this mission and may all those who come here recieve your inspirations to believe in Jesus Christ as their own personal saviour.


Heavenly Father, let those who come here recieve the gift of an unfailing faith, and recieve the knowledge of your love and compassion for them. We pray and ask that they be reconciled with you through Jesus and by His passion and sacrifice, and by His blood which was shed for the forgiveness of our sins.


May those who come here, Heavenly Father come to know Jesus Christ, your beloved son intimately, and come to know how His life and death and resurrection defeated everything thats seperates us from you.


Heavenly Father forgive all those who come here for their sins, heal them of their afflictions, deliver them from all evil, and bring them the peace of your love and presence in their hearts and minds.


Listen to their prayers and answer their requests in Jesus name, so that He may be glorified in their lives and that they may come to know the truth about your love and power to save and restore.


Lord bring all those who come here, joy and peace in their hearts and minds, may they be protected against all worry, fear and anxiety and may they be filled with your Holy Spirit, so that they may come to know and love You and bear witness to you and the proof of your love for us all, revealed in the crucified Jesus Christ.




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