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Welcome to March's 2010 Newsletter,

How's your lent going, so far?

Find out what the Pope told the Bishops of England and Wales. Watch the Video Now!

Events Calendar, have you taken a recent look? Go to the Jesus4UsAll Events Calendar 

Have you seen the latest improvements to our Online, The Catechism of the Catholic Church, it has many useful features, such as, full screen view, print facility, search box and more. Why not take a look yourself and see how useful a reference resource this can be for you, and others. Go to The Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Jesus4usall restructures prices of books- Get yours for Lent Now!

To add to this we have re-priced all our books so that you receive a discount the more you buy, check-out our Bookshop now.  Develop a more effective and powerful prayer life. Please let us know what you think. Send us Feedback Now

Watch these inspiring Lent Videos now by following this link:
Jesus4UsAll Lent Videos

Road to Pentecost Daily Prayer Guide - Have you got yours?
Lent is an accepted season for prayer and for reflection. However, Easter to Pentecost is also a great season when Newly Baptised Christians were guided further for 50 days, from Easter to Pentecost, when the Power of the Holy Spirit came upon the Disciples in the upper room.

In order to help us promote this New 50 day prayer guide called The Road to Pentecost daily prayer guide. We have also introduced discounts as you buy more, for your family, friends and prayer groups. Check it out now and see for yourself. Click on the above link.


Video Issues -

We have an increasing number of videos being added to our collection and play list. All are selected to increase the presence of the Gospel Truths, in word and in the life around us. Watch Now! Here is just a small selection for you to take a look at:-

 Abortion; Baptism of the Holy Spirit; Christian Unity; The Nativity Video; Come to Jesus

Creation vs. Evolution; Is Hell and the devil real?; And much more!

Would you like to join our team and help us to increase our video library? If you have some time to spare and a Topic of interest you would like us to build up on, then why not contact us and let us know your ideas.

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