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Our Background


Several years ago, when I was at a crossroads in my life, I found myself in church and there was some event happening there and a woman was selling second hand books. I found myself looking through some of them and one there caught my eye. Prayers of Power by Raboni. I bought that and took it home and began to pray the prayers in that book.


I found that this book helped my prayer life so much that my understanding of prayer and my faith all grew as a result.


I was so impressed by this book that I decided to search for this and so went to all of the Christian bookshops in the area. But they couldn't get hold of this book and didn't really know how to get it.


I wanted to get more to share them with my family and friends as I was sure this was a book whose prayers were divinely inspired.


But for many years I could not get my hands on any supplier for this book, until about three years ago I went to Ireland on a Christian conference there and saw these books again. I purchased 3 and brought them back to the  UK and gave them to family and close friends.


Since they were available I thought that by now, many years later, they would be available in the local Christian books shops but they were not.


So I decided to pray about this and asked the Lord why these were not available and to guide me to get into contact with the suppliers so that I can help make these books available in the UK.


Well, within a week the Lord answered me! I was working and had a phone call on my mobile. When I answered it I heard a foreign woman's voice say, "Good afternoon, my name is Luciana, I am from Raboni Editorial, and I am calling because we are looking for someone who can help us distribute our books in the UK."  So staying calm I said send me a sample of your books, and left it to that.


A week later the parcel arrived with a book inside. Of all the books that could have been sent, the one inside the envelope was "The Prayers of Power Book" I had been reading and lookin for, for so many years! I was sure that this was the Lord answering my prayers and Raboni's too!



Here we are around 3 years later and the books are all here and available for you. And since I don't believe in coincidences, but rather in God-incidences I am as sure that you too are guided here so that through this web-site and indeed through these books you also get the grace and assistance you need in your life now and also for the lives of those around you that you worry and pray for.


So I pray that you get all the love, help, liberation and conversion you need to bring you the power of God in your own life and that one day you too can stand up and tell people how God has helped you overcome the difficulties and trials in your own life, thanks to Jesus our Lord and Saviour.





Jan 2008

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