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Jesus4usall Community - NEW! - Coming Soon!


As a way of helping you stay in touch with other people and christians around the world we have introduced a community package Free for all those wishing to join.


In it you will be able to set up your own personal account there, and have access to a whole range of facilities and resources which we hope will continue to grow as we go forward.


You can  have your own virtual office online here at jesus4usall and be able to access to the following facilities:-


Chat Rooms, Contacts, Content Library, Diary, Bible Search, Knowledge Library, Files Lbrary,  Forums, Contacts manager, Mail, Resources, Shortcuts/ Favourites, and Your own Calandar and To Do list.


More details of how you can use this powerful tool and develop your own contacts in the jesus4usall community are found in the comminuty site itself, along  with tutorials, to help you get up and started.


If you are and individual and would like to join then its completely free, or for a donation of you own liking.


If you are in a recognised Christian ministry and would like to offer your services free here to other members of the community then its free for you to join, or you may if you wish pay a donation to help with our costs. You may also wish to develop a forum group or chat group specifically for that and we would be happy to help you with that.  You may also want to meet regularly and make contact with like minded people who are also involved in  the same ministry as you.  We can also help you get in touch and set up a special chat  or forum for you to be able to meet and discuss ideas and exchange experiences regarding your ministry.


If you have you own web-site and are commercially orientated then you too can join, but there will normally be a charge or  a donation  to help with our costs and  to include your web-link to the community for other members to access. 


You may even find that you want to help or run or lead some of the activities in the community in some way. If you are part of a paricular ministry or recognised christian community and can play a more active role there, in the community, then just let us know and we can see how we can help.


If you are an author of any ebooks or any other kind of downloadable file and would like to make it avaliable for other members in this community to obtain a copy then just send us the file, for approval, and we will do all we can to make it available.


If you have any audio or video or flash files that you would like us to make available to the community then please just send us the embedded code or the video or audio file and we can make is available for members of the comunity to access. With all materials that you send us then please make sure you give us the correct subject title so we can correctly categorise the material you send.


This community is really your community and so it will develop into what you yourselves can make it. You are all members of this community and so help in any way you can to make it work for you.


If you are experienced with this kind of package and would like to help or advise us or our members then please let us know and we would welcome you support.


Yours faithfully


Jesus4usall managment

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