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Open Healing Service Pantasaph 29th & 30 September 2023
Pantasaph Retreat - Weekend Healing, Renewal Empowering Retreat - 28th to 1st October 2023- Led by Spiro Sueref at Pantasaph, North Wales
Spiro's Live Zoom Healing Service 2022
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Would you like to help us?
Thank you for considering and showing an interest in helping us with jesus4usall. Why not chat to us about how you can help spread the Good News around the world? Just click on the Chat window (top right) and if we are online we can start chatting now.


You may think how can  I help? well there are many ways:-


  • You can start by praying for us, all those helping, all those who visit our site and especially those requesting prayers, for themselves or loved ones.


  • You can help by telling your friends and family about us. We already have a "tell a friend" button you can use to invite your friends.



  • If you purchase any books in our collection, then, you can fill in a book review to help others know before they buy how well you rate the book.


  • You can donate some of your time and skills  to help Jesus4usall and it's mission  to become more effective. contact us


  • You can monitor this site and its contents and let us know of any mistakes, or ways of improving its content and presentation, just contact us if you see a mistake here and we will then act to correct any  errors.


  • If you are from other parts of the world,  would you help in  translating this  site into your local language, then if you are interested in that as a project, you can help with that, subject to our approval. Register with  our Jesus4UsAll community site for free and there you can see more details.


  • You can, if you are already involved in writing or teaching Christian materials then propose an idea of how we can incorporate works of yours into our site, Subject to our approval. contact us


  • If you have your own web-site or Christian book shop and would like to stock our products then just apply for as a stockist and we can promote your shop in our site.  contact us


  • If you see popular Christian books or other products online that you think are great and we should also stock or promote, then drop us a line, and suggest them to us along with where we can get them from. contact us


  • If you would like to help sell our products in you own country and would like to become a stockist then just let us know by contacting us. contact us



  • You can help by making a Donation. All donations will go into helping jesus4usall succeed in its mission in bringing people to a knowledge of the Love of God and the message of salvation, brought to us through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.


  • This is not an exhaustive list of how you can help. But if you any ideas of how you can help us that is not listed above then please contact us and let us know today how you can.


  • Would you Like to Join our Jesus4UsAll 100 Club of Members/Developers who help us in a variety of ways to operate and improve our service to you. Click the following link to find out more:- Jesus4UsAll 100 Club


Thank you once again for your time and interest in helping us and we pray that God Bless You in all you do for the Lord Jesus Christ and that you are always filled with His Spirit of Love, Faith, and Hope, now and into eternity.



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